Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is extremely important. Many people do not have any idea how to take care of their new tattoo once they leave their tattoo appointment. We have created a video to discuss the top tips for keeping a tattoo healthy during the healing process and ensuring your new piece will look its best. Please take a look at our tattoo aftercare video and let us know any additional questions or comments below.

Remember your new tattoo is an open wound. The tattoo might be sore, stinging, itching or you might even notice some slimy or liquidy stuff under the plastic wrap which is plasma (the liquid part of the blood). This is all perfectly normal. Your body is healing. Before you left your artist cleaned, disinfected, moisturized, and covered your tattoo. In doing this they have prevented you from having any sort of infection while under their care. Now when you leave them they are NO LONGER RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!! Remember the whole open wound thing we were talking about? Always remember that! Wherever your new tattoo ventures to you must keep it clean and away from anywhere or anything that could cause it to get dirt, debris, etc around, or on it. You know the nasty things that will cause infections

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